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Wage Garnishments

Have Your Wages Been Garnished? Get Help FAST from a BBB A+ Rated Firm

Remove IRS Wage Garnishments and get your paycheck back. Having a wage garnishment is a disabling experience. After several attempts to contact you, the IRS can seize up to 75% of your after tax income.  An IRS Wage Garnishment continues until other arrangements are made to pay back the debt or the entire tax debt is paid in full.

Think you need a Tax Attorney/Lawyer….Think Again.

If you have received an “Intent to Levy” letter or a “Notice of Levy” letter from the IRS then you can not afford to wait any longer to do something to resolve your tax debt. Call us today and we can stop the Wage Levy Garnishment usually within a couple of hours.  Our affordable pricing and payment plans will be less costly than your wage garnishment.

Our tax specialists understand how important a regular paycheck is to our clients and their families. By hiring a tax professional to assist you with your tax situation you can show the IRS that you are serious about getting your past due tax liability resolved. One of our tax professionals can contact the IRS or the state to negotiate the release of the wage garnishment. Of course, releasing or lowering a wage garnishment is only a temporary solution. Our tax specialists follow up by developing a long-term strategy for dealing with the tax debt. Once the IRS wage garnishment is released, we will either set up a repayment plan or put together an offer in compromise settlement or other tax resolution plan for our clients.
Total Tax Solutions specializes in assisting small businesses and individuals with overdue tax debts. If you would like to discuss resolving an IRS Wage Garnishment or other levy. Please contact us by filling out the IRS Account Analysis form on this page or calling one of our specialists at (954) – 946 – 4142.
By engaging our services we can secure a temporary freeze on further collection activity providing us with sufficient time to analyze your situation and determine the best course of action. For many taxpayers, this could lead to an Offer in Compromise.
With an IRS Account Analysis from our office, we can conduct a thorough evaluation of your record of account with accurate recommendations based on our findings. If we find errors, you can rest assured that by engaging our services, our office will act as your representative and resolve your IRS problems on your behalf.