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How Long Will it Take to Resolve My Tax Problems?

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Call Total Tax Solutions Now for an Immediate Tax Solution!

Is the IRS knocking on your door, or have you received a certified letter that you are afraid to open?

Total Tax Solutions

Do you have an IRS tax problem, wage garnishment, tax lien or bank levy, unfiled tax returns?

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We are CPA specialists in solving IRS Tax Problems.

A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Award winning and dedicated.


Don’t know the source of your IRS Problems or how to solve them? We can help!


Taxpayers have saved over $15 Million from the knowledge, experience, and proven tactics of our Total Tax Solutions Team.


Total Tax Solutions has several locations with nationwide service available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

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Do you have an IRS tax problem, wage garnishment, tax lien or bank levy, un-filed tax returns? Is the IRS knocking on your door, or have you received a certified letter that you are afraid to open? Call Total Tax Solutions Now For An Immediate IRS Tax Solution.
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  1.  100% Satisfaction Guarantee, your fees are fully refundable for any service that you are not completely satisfied with. If your tax professional is not offering a similar guarantee, ask them why not or simply Call Total Tax Solutions at 954-946-4142 and find out why we do.  Total Tax Solutions offers 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your fees back, no catch or fine print. We believe in our services, interaction with you and implementation of a real IRS solution.  We champion our Guarantee, service, and our clients as a badge of honor.
  2. How can we do this, we have a proven process in identifying your IRS relief goals, investigating your IRS tax account, and diagnosing corrective action.
  3. We will be in constant contact with you throughout the process.  Not only will you be able to contact us during office hours, you will be provided with our cell number so that you can speak to someone 24 hours a day.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for having the courage, heart, and determination to tackle your IRS matter and visiting our site.  We know what you’re thinking where do I start, how much will this cost, I am in deep trouble, and who will be able to help me.  We want you to know that you have found the right firm and your IRS solution is just a phone call away.  For FREE, a $750 value, we will complete a Power of Attorney, contact the IRS or state agency, get a temporary hold on your account, and provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your record of account with accurate recommendations to help resolve your IRS tax matter. What do you have to lose and all you have to do is act by counting down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and calling 954-946-4142.  There is no obligation and you will have a CPA, Enrolled Agent, and Tax Specialist to talk to and answer your questions honestly without cost.  You have nothing to lose and solving your IRS tax matter requires some effort on your part, calling, and then we will take it from there. Our firm’s belief is “Our true worth is determined by how much more we give you in value than we take in a payment”.Think you need a Tax Attorney/Lawyer….Think Again.

Total Tax Solutions: We are CPA specialists in solving IRS Tax Problems. Award winning and dedicated. A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Thirty (30) years of experience. Our clients have found us to be trustworthy and reliable. We deliver true IRS Tax Solutions.

We are a local Firm with National reach and most important, an expertise in providing IRS tax relief to tax problems.  We have represented 1,000’s of taxpayers in the Plantation and West Palm Beach IRS offices and have a excellent IRS Agent/Officer relationship.   We own our office and have been serving the local areas of Lighthouse Point, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Coconut Creek, Oakland Park, Wilton Manors, Sunirse, Parkland, Margate, Coral Srpings, Lauderhill, Tamarac, North Luaderale,  and Weston for 24 years.  We are here to serve you during and after work hours to ease your concerns.  Our clients will attest to this and we can provide you with references.  We are committed to a workable solution delivered by our belief of client-centric focus with unparalleled attention to exceeding expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will II take to resolve my tax problem?

Every case has its own unique circumstances. Our firm endeavors to complete each case quickly. Waiting for information from clients and taxing agencies generally create the longest delays. Depending on the work that is required, cases may take as little as a few months to as long 16 months or even longer.


Do I still have to talk to the IRS?

No, you should not communicate with them at all. From this point on, we will handle ALL correspondence with the IRS and state. We do not want our clients in a position where they may incriminate themselves or give the IRS more information that they must have. If they contact you, politely refer them to us, your power of attorney.


What should I do with the notice I have received?

Fax all notices you have received to us immediately Call: (954) – 946 – 4142


Tax Resolution Services

Why Choose Total Tax Solutions?


We have over 25 years experience providing Tax Relief.


We are trustworthy and reliable. We expeditiously work to resolve your tax matter.

Tax Solutions

Our CPA specialists solve all IRS Tax problems.

Total Tax Solutions – Our philosophy is to provide the highest level counsel and tax expertise to our clients. We pride ourselves on the depth of our knowledge, our years of experience, our creative approach to tax issues, the sophistication of our practice, and our reputation. Our true worth is determined by how much more we give you in value than we take in a payment.

For a fixed fee, we handle all the negotiations – If you are facing an IRS Tax Audit or collections, the IRS will never quit. The world’s largest collection agency will never give up on you. They can seize your property, place levies on your bank accounts, and garnish your wages. You need a team of competent tax professionals – a certified public accountant and an IRS enrolled agent – dedicated to your case, remember you don’t need an attorney (Costing $350 to $600 an hour).

Let us perform an IRS Checkup to determine if your situation has merit and can be resolved favorably. This will allow us to provide you with detailed options to make an informed decision. Our clients expect and deserve an honest approach prior to our involvement which helps to develop both trust and knowledge regarding outcome in the first phase of our Relief Services. Many people try to handle their tax problems themselves, often resulting in frustration and negative results. Total Tax Solutions takes this burden off your shoulders.


Here’s what some of our clients have said

We are happy with the work Total Tax Solutions Company did for us. We express our thanks to the case specialists for their hard work. We owed $50,525 to the IRS and didn’t know how to handle. The matter was totally resolved with a $250 payment ending our IRS nightmare


Total Tax Solutions helped me get up to date and in full compliance with all my returns, quickly and efficiently, and ran interference for me with the IRS until my situation was satisfactorily resolved. Total Tax Solutions will be my total choice from now on!

Jeff F

Total Tax Solutions has provided my small business with superior service and assistance for more than a decade. Unmatched ability when dealing with IRS issues, problems and the ever dreaded audits. Total Tax Solutions is a must to have on your team!!

Jean K.

OH MY GOD thank you the rain has stopped falling in my life. My former Accountant tired everything with the IRS and she was totally unable to get results. I cannot thank you enough for reducing my debt by $34,000. The hard work your team and your self accomplished, I am indebted to you.

Oscar A.

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