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Payroll Services

Total Tax Solutions’ Low-Priced Full Service Payroll- FREE Three (3) Months of Payroll Processing
Total Tax Solutions’ processes payroll for hundreds of local businesses with first-rate products and highly personalized Professional (CPA) service.
Convenient – Submit payroll by email, phone, or fax
Personal – Talk to a dedicated, local Payroll specialist anytime
Complete – Calculate liabilities, make tax deposits, & file your returnsSave more than 30% on average per month by choosing Total Tax Solutions’ Full Service Payroll vs. ADP, Intuit, or Paychex
Our 5 Employee Bi-Weekly Payroll Quote is $42.25 verses theirs:
ADP charges $60.25 for a savings of 30%
Intuit charges $99.00 for a savings of 57%
Paychex charges $79.00 for a savings of 46%
Get Clear and Simple Pricing
Call Now toll Free (954) – 946 – 4142 or (954) 946-4142 for a free, full service, and affordable payroll quote.No hidden costs and no surprises handled by a team of professionals that can support all your business needs.Guaranteed error-free paychecks and payroll taxes so you’ll never have to worry about payroll again.
Overview-You provide the the hours. We do the rest.
We set up your payroll

  • We transfer prior payroll information
  • We verify employee and company information
  • We set up direct deposit accounts

You provide the hours

  • You call, fax or email hours and preview payroll
  • Instant communications if errors are detected such as hours significantly different from usual
  • We can even compare with previous periods

We do the rest

  • We process payrolls weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly
  • We notify you about upcoming taxes and forms
  • We create and distribute W-2s at year end

Complete Setup Done for You

  • Enter employee information
  • Verify social security numbers
  • Enter payroll history
  • Set up Direct Deposit for your employees
  • Notify prior provider that they’re switching services and transfer all reports and data
  • Walk you through applying for their state withholding and unemployment account numbers

First-Time Payroll Help

  • One-on-one guidance for submitting employee hours
  • We’ll answer any question you may have

Error-Free Guarantee

  • Each payroll you submit is actively reviewed for accuracy by our experts
  • Your paychecks and payroll taxes are guaranteed error-free or their next month is free

Payroll Tax Filing and Payment

  • We file and pay your payroll taxes
  • All the necessary filing forms quarterly and annual are included

Expert Support

  • Call, email or fax with our payroll experts at no extra charge
  • Get reminders when you’ll need to have funds available for tax payments

Here’s why Total Tax Solutions’ Full Service Payroll is the right payroll solution for you:

  • Payroll taxes and filings done for you. You provide the hours. We do the rest
  • Accurate paychecks and payroll taxes every time or their next month is free
  • Dedicated team of payroll experts sets up your payroll and looks for differences from one payday to the next

Total Tax Solutions’ Full Service Payroll is right for you if:

  • You have experienced issues or errors from ADP/Paychex and are looking for a better solution
  • You want simple monthly pricing, no hidden costs, and no surprises
  • You do not require job costing, class tracking, or payroll that’s run directly from QuickBooks

Other Payroll Providers
When researching the price for other payroll providers, be sure to understand the total cost. Ask your provider if the price quoted is per payroll run or monthly. Also ask about additional fees that you may pay for setup, Direct Deposit, W2 printing and processing, new hire reporting, and any other fees.