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Audit Representation

Every year, millions of taxpayers receive an IRA audit notice.

back_taxes_paidTotal Tax Solutions specializes in tax audit representation and over the past three years have realized over $6.0 Million in tax resolution savings for our clients. We provide tax audit representation services for individual taxpayers and businesses. (Click here to see recent client cases). You don’t need an attorney to deal with the IRS. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Enrolled Agent are highly qualified to deal with the IRS and State audit situations. As such, our experience and knowledge of simple to complex IRS and State tax codes utilized successfully during numerous taxpayer audit engagements has led Total Tax Solutions to become highly qualified tax audit representatives.

Five (8) Reasons why you should retain Total Tax Solutions for qualified tax audit representation

  1.  100% Satisfaction Guarantee, your fees are fully refundable for any service that you are not completely satisfied with. If your tax professional is not offering a similar guarantee, ask them why not or simply Call Total Tax Solutions at 954-946-4142 and find out why we do.  Total Tax Solutions offers 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your fees back, no catch or fine print. We believe in our services, interaction with you and implementation of a real IRS solution.  We champion our Guarantee, service, and our clients as a badge of honor.
  2. How can we do this, we have a proven process in identifying your IRS relief goals, investigating your IRS tax account, and diagnosing corrective action.
  3. We will be in constant contact with you throughout the process.  Not only will you be able to contact us during office hours, you will be provided with our cell number so that you can speak to someone 24 hours a day.
  4. We are aggressive tax advocates that will provide you, your family or your business with expert audit defense
  5. We are CPAs and enrolled agents who are tax relief specialists that have secured millions in tax savings for our clients
  6. Total Tax Solutions is BBB A +Rated (the highest rating possible). We have been in business for nearly 20 years, operate with integrity and are focus on customer service delivery
  7. We will take immediate steps to stop or remove IRS actions
  8. We will negotiate with the IRS to resolve your tax debt claims

Representing yourself during an audit is not a recommended course of action – it may wind up costing you more money and oftentimes can result in unfavorable financial results. The key to a successful audit defense is being represented by knowledgeable tax resolution representatives with a proven track record. The IRS is intimidating and relentless. We can quickly put an end to threatening notices to your homes and the disruption of your life.

Did you know that when the IRS or State Audits you…

a) You are assumed guilty until proven innocent
b) Audits start with one year and quickly turn into multiple years of audits
c) The IRS and State can mark you for audit for the upcoming years moving forward
d) They can and will disallow some or even all of your expenses without properly qualified representation
e) They can summon all of your bank accounts and records
f) If you are a business the IRS or State can confiscate your computers and all of your records
g) If the auditors are not satisfied with your documentation, they can recalculate your taxes due and further increase your tax liability.
h) Penalties and interest assessed by the IRS and can be matched by State. These are part of your liability and can become insurmountable.

Think you need a Tax Attorney/Lawyer….Think Again.

A qualified and experienced Certified Public Accountant or Enrolled Agent will significantly increase your ability to receive a better outcome. An audit if not properly handled, can go the wrong way; you can owe more money than the original amount on the notice you received. With the right representation, you, the taxpayer, may actually end up being owed money after an audit.

Only an experienced CPA or Enrolled Agent can properly analyze your situation and find the best approach to manage your audit in a way that delivers the best outcome. At the end of the day, the IRS prefers working with professional tax representatives, as it makes their job easier.

What you can expect from Total Tax Solutions as your tax audit representative:

• Rarely do our clients even have to talk with the IRS. We handle it all for you so that you need not take time off of your business or job to handle the bureaucracy and paperwork of the IRS. No lost wages or business. Remember we know your tax rights. You simply forward notification of an audit to us and we handle it from A to Z. Upon hiring our firm we will file a Power Of Attorney Form signed by you which authorizes our representation.

• We will review and explain the audit process to you from A to Z.
• We will research all the issues involved or that may come up during the audit and defend any unforeseen issues.
• Provide you with the best possible defense.
• Arrange for audit communications to be directed to our firm so that we can deal directly with the IRS or State tax agent overseeing your audit.
• Respond to all inquiries and requests for information.
• Assist you in compiling the required documents for the audit.
• Challenge the audit’s positions to your advantage.
• Negotiate with the IRS to limit or eliminate your tax liability if you owe more than you can pay.
• Ensure the best possible settlement and outcome without the stress of handling it on your own.

We can help get you current with your tax return filing obligations and then analyze your situation to determine the best course of action and minimize the chance of any criminal investigation. Many times, to resolve the audit, taxpayers will file an IRS Offer in Compromise to resolve their tax problems with the IRS.

We are here to offer IRS tax assistance. Call Total Tax Solutions now at (954) – 946 – 4142. We offer free consultations to assist with your IRS tax problems and concerns.