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IRS Checkup

What Is An IRS Tax Checkup?

In dealing with the IRS for numerous years, we have the unique knowledge and expertise to review your account, uncover errors, and properly advise you on your options. This is more than half of the problems that individuals and businesses face. Relying on what IRS officials may say is a disastrous mistake, as their recommendations ultimately are in the government and agent’s best interest. As your representative, we work in your best interest and we will uncover options that might not be presented to you. Think you need a Tax Attorney/Lawyer….Think Again.

Commonly Found Errors

Tax auditIf you do indeed owe past due taxes, we can be of assistance. Almost all Taxpayers qualify for Tax Relief and the following list represents 95% of the problems taxpayers face and are easily solved:

– Missing Tax Payments
– Missing Tax Return Filings
– Substitute for Return/(Always prepared in the interest of the IRS and the Statute of Limitations does not begin!)
– Tax Payments Applied to the Wrong Period
– IRS Overstating or Duplicating Income
– IRS Disregarding Tax Deductions and/or
– Basis In Assets Sold Resulting in a Higher Tax Liability
– Incorrect Amount and Type of Penalties Imposed
– Unlawful Filing of Tax Liens and Tax Levies
– Continued IRS Enforcement Despite Expired Collection Statutes
– Unlawful Assessment of Trust Fund Liability
– Unlawful Income Tax Assessments
– IRS Failing to Follow Due Process

Our Tax Specialists are Highly Qualified in Federal Tax Law. Using the legal tools provided by Congress and practiced by the IRS, we often save our clients thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars, through negotiated settlements with the IRS. Your tax situation will be thoroughly examined, and a specific course of action prescribed.

Our immediate goal will be to give you peace of mind, by providing instant relief from the IRS by stopping current IRS action against you. We do this by using the rules the IRS makes. Unless you know the proper format, forms, people to talk to, and subtleties of dealing with the IRS, your efforts don’t always mean Permanent Tax Relief.
Upon review of your account with IRS, we will contact you and explain our findings, notify you of what errors we found, and provide you with all available options to resolve your IRS problems. More than half of the IRS problems are resolved wtih this detailed analysis.

**Answers to your IRS Problems are just a click away!! You have nothing to lose and all to gain.**

For prompt evaluation of your case, we encourage you to register for our IRS Account Analysis .

With an IRS Account Analysis from our office, we can conduct a thorough evaluation of your record of account with accurate recommendations based on our findings. If we find errors, you can rest assured that by engaging our services, our office will act as your representative and resolve your IRS problems on your behalf.